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Instantly Generate Leads & Start Closing Deals 
Join My Students Who Are Doing 1-10 Wholesale Real Estate Deals From Home Every Month Without Any Experience or Even Leaving Their Home, From Anywhere In The World Without Using Their Own Money. Ideal for the Seasoned investor that wants to scale up or the Newbie looking to finally get that first deal done and beyond!

Coaching is good, Mentoring is great, but an Apprentice is as good as it gets. Freedom Mogul Apprentice's get plugged into OUR business for REAL results. FAST.

We Plug You In To Our System So YOU Close Deals  
Benefits of The Freedom Moguls Apprenticeship
Learn how to flip houses with real hands-on experience

Step-by-Step Mentoring

6 Months of exclusive and personal access to the creator of lifestyle based virtual real estate investing.

Instant Team 

Our in-house team members will immediately go to work building lead lists & contacting them on your behalf.

Direct Voxer Access

Very cool app to communicate with me personally in between our weekly coaching calls. 

Done-For-You Seller Leads

We will plug you into our seller lead generation systems, ensuring you have the best opportunity to close deals.

Done-For-You Buyer Leads

We will plug you into our buyer lead generation systems to quickly help build your cash hungry list of buyers to flip endless deals to.


Never guess what to do next. You will receive clear, digestible step-by-step instruction on a daily basis.


Bypass trial and error and plug directly into an effective and modern solution for streamline results.

My Personal Cell # 

For those times you need a quick answer, help or clarity, it's just one text away.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week I will personally coach you & provide you three clear actionable steps. 



Apprenticeship Members
We pride ourselves in having one of the highest student success rates in the entire industry. 
Eyal Anvi
"Another one! Thanks Justin and this amazing Freedom Moguls Community, you guys are simply the best. So much more to learn!"

Sammy Vallejo
"A little late on the post but was taking a dive into the married life. Closed this deal a Day before my wedding in Tulum, Mexico. Stay motivated family!"
Leonardo Oyervides
"Sup, Moguls! Today was payday! Little JV assignment deal by taking imperfect action. 2020 is going to be epic! Never give up, Moguls!

Scotty Free
"First deal DONE!"
Chris White
I"f you want to go FASTER become an apprentice! Just put another deal under contract! "
Alain Binette
"I did exactly to the tee what Justin shows us to do and the results speak for themselves."
Patrick Merryman
"My first deal is officially done!!! Thank you so much Justin! I couldn’t have done it without you guys and your support! Going from A to Z using Justin’s methods is priceless! On to the next one! "
Allen Andrade‎
"I finally closed on my first deal, just want to show everyone that hasn't done a deal that this is reality if you put the action in and keep pushing, huge thanks to Justin for making this a reality and changing my life!"
Czar M. 
"Justin, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get started wholesaling and to let you know I just closed my first deal! I would've never done it without the Apprenticeship. I owe this one to you bro!!"
Stop Trying, Start Doing
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We are required by the FTC to disclose the typical customer results. Since no two people are exactly alike, we can not ever know the actions you will take after each call, therefore directly influencing the results you may or may not get. And, because we can have no assurance on exactly how you are following our advise, we can make no guarantees that you will make any profits in the Apprenticeship Program. If you do not e mail proof of your completed actions after each call, your investment back guaranteed is void. We must see that you are taking the actions to get results. Like anything worthwhile, this program does require work. Very few people ever complete the training and, even fewer ever ask a question. The typical customer puts in very little work. Before you buy, ask yourself if you're typical. If your not and you are a highly motivated individual, my training can change your business.